Mysteries of Acrylic

Acrylic is a mystery to many people.  To make the full variety of beautiful effects acrylic is capable of many rely on acrylic workshops in stores that sell very pricey little bottles of modified acrylic.   What many don't realize is that all of these varieties are easily made yourself in a few minutes through simple additives.  In this workshop we will make all the commercially available materials and give you time to play with them.  Every student will come away with $150 worth of acrylic paints in a full spectrum of colors and various mediums to take home.


Saturday Only, 9/9/2017, 10am-2pm.

$50 plus $50 material fee

Expressive Figure Drawing and Painting

Have you ever wanted to learn to draw and paint from the figure without having to draw like Leonardo? Then this rigorous, but fun class is for you. Learn how to follow shapes, create space, and most of all compose your page, without painstaking proportions and measurements. We will use the model to look hard, but we won't be working towards 19th century realism. You will be composing and deconstructing on the fly, at a fast pace, alternating with very slow and deliberate observation. You can't be attached to the outcome, or even have any idea of what your work will look like when it is done. In fact your work will be “undone” if it gets predictable. This will be action packed 'process' with no possibility of staying in your rut if you have one.  You will be provided with a large canvas, paper, and drawing and painting materials.  Absolute beginners are perfect for this class as well as advanced artists.


Saturday and Sunday 9/23-9/24, 10am-6pm

$200  plus $50  fee for model and materials

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Experimental Painting Workshop

encousticHave you ever wanted to see the range of things you can do with your paints?  The possibilities will open you up and get you out of any rut.  From learning about traditional oil mediums to thick clear layers of glossy acrylics we will try it all.   We pour, brush, scoop, squeegee and soak.   Many of the processes are completely unpredictable and surprising.  Even if you only plan to paint traditionally this will show you ways to use your materials that you never dreamt of.


Saturday and Sunday, 10/7/2017-10/8/2017, 10am-4pm.  

$160 plus $40 material fee

Figure in Proportion: the Intuitive Approach

Many people think that if they can’t draw in proportion they are “not talented” and have no business doing art.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you are not suited to careful measuring and painstaking draftsmanship you are not alone.  This has nothing to do with whether or not you are “talented” or whether or not you should try making art.  This workshop will teach even the most drafting averse person how to get proportion without sacrificing the real value of the artwork, which is to learn to be comfortable with your own set of “talents”.  Some people never can make precise measurements, but they can still draw in proportion through an intuitive quick approach.


Saturday Only, 10/21/2017, 10am-2pm

$50 plus $20 model and materials fee

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Projectioning for Painting

You may think doing your painting with the help of a projection is “cheating”.  But did you know there is evidence that even the masters of the Renaissance used projections to start their paintings?  Optics revolutionized how we see the world and painting emulated its “realism” for centuries.  Projection can save you hundreds of frustrating hours laying out the groundwork for you painting and it has never been easier or as effective with today’s technology.  The first half of the class will be showing you how to choose and  prepare your digital image.  The second half will be how set up your projection and lay it on the canvas.  If you would like to follow along with your own laptop and/or digital projector feel free to bring it.  


Sunday Only, 10/22/17 10am-2pm


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Oil Mediums and Effects

Mediums are what we add to oil paint to make it come alive with unique character all its own.  The masters carefully guarded their own formulations of oil mediums because they knew how important they were to the very essence of the painting.  Now making your own oil medium or even understanding how to use the readymade mediums in the store is becoming a lost art.   Historically the alchemy of paint occupied many artists all of their lives.  Find out what you may have been missing in your painting and straighten out the confusion array of mediums to make your art  come alive!  All materials provided and you get to take home a selection of mediums to try at home.


Saturday Only 11/4/17 10am-2pm

$50 plus $20 material fee

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