Experimental Painting


We start with oil and encaustic (cold wax) paints, and then progress to poured acrylic. Pour, squeegee or trowel paint on canvas, board and paper. Follow step-by-step instructions on the basics of painting or follow your own instincts and invent your own techniques. Tuition includes canvas, paint, and snacks.

Begining Painting

Basics of compositon, color, and space, taught for the beginner with no previous experience in drawing or painting. We start with simple drawing exercises, quickly progress to black and white, and finally make full color paintings. Bring your own supplies or buy them at class.

Figure Painting

A professional model is our subject during the four-hour session. Use oil or acrylic paint on an easel or use liquid media while painting on a table. Tuition includes one canvas per session, paint and snacks.


Most classes are continuous; drop-in according to your schedule. See Enroll for details.