Expressive Figure Drawing and Painting

Have you ever wanted to learn to draw and paint from the figure without having to draw like Leonardo? Then this rigorous, but fun class is for you. Learn how to follow shapes, create space, and most of all compose your page, without painstaking proportions and measurements. We will use the model to look hard, but we won't be working towards 19th century realism. You will be composing and deconstructing on the fly, at a fast pace, alternating with very slow and deliberate observation. You can't be attached to the outcome, or even have any idea of what your work will look like when it is done. In fact your work will be “undone” if it gets predictable. This will be action packed 'process' with no possibility of staying in your rut if you have one.  You will be provided with a large paper, drawing and painting materials. Absolute beginners are perfect for this class as well as advanced artists. This workshop is located offsite at Miller School of Art in Georgetown. ALL SUPPLIES PROVIDED. Prerequisite: None.

9/28/2019, 10am-6pm  

$100 plus $50 fee for model and materials

Questions? email or Call (206)861-9265.