The Miller School of Art has been perfect for me. I recently gave up my studio and much prefer coming down there to be around great people. I don't have to lug around a bunch of art supplies or my work, everything is there for me. Mark has been very helpful with feedback on my work.

—Helen Anderson


At the Miller School of Art I am constantly challenged to take the leap to different approaches to my painting. I trust Mark to always give me an honest critique of my work as well as be encouraging.

—Bob Emory Wood


"Mark's extensive knowledge of oil painting techniques and art history has guided my continuing development as an oil painter. I have studied with him for 7 years. Each year I gain a greater understanding of oil painting, ...Alas it continues to be mystifying, ...and this is where the beauty emanates from. Thanks Mark"

—Margaret Brown


"Being around other people who are painting has fueled my creative drive."

—Sarah Teasdale


"This was one of my first larger sized paintings. Given the expense of a canvas this size one can feel intimidated about messing it up. However, with Mark supplying all materials in his classes I felt free to experiment, work loosely, and enjoy the physicality of moving around a larger piece."

—Kate Dougherty


Without your guidance, encouragement and welcoming environment, I couldn't make any of these. Thanks for all your thoughtfulness.

—Rob Lindley


Ever since Mark was my instructor at the UW, from that very first day, I have been struck by his enthusiasm, his encouragement, his honesty, and his kindness. Now, working in his studio, side-by-side with other artists, we revel in the space he has created for our good work

—Susan Walker


You don't think you could paint a picture? No artistic ability? Can't draw? Come to Mark's studio and he will show you none of this is true. And guess what, you'll take a piece of art home to hang on your walls. I've spent 5 years with Mark and I don't have any more space to hang my art.

—Larry Brown

woman nude

The freedom in Mark's class with the individualized instruction makes it all possible. Mark sees what each student needs and even makes up a special concoction of paint just for them to learn from..

—Sandy Wires

woman portrait

Mark's studio has provided me with the materials and space to explore many approaches to painting that I hadn't considered previously. I have thoroughly enjoyed the creativity and generous spirit Mark generates in the studio. And the energy that comes about with focused artists is invaluable. I feel very grateful to have found such a unique environment.

—Jacqueline Lewis


"The open creative environment really allows one to experiment with different mediums to create your own unique art work."

—Cheryl Kirton


"When I signed on to learn a new skill, I had no idea painting would become integrated into my life as practice. I was totally unprepared for the possibilities and new perspectives that have emerged from these classes."

—Sue Lettsinger